So, here at Geekland News, we’ve heard the remote area of Gouria has been getting some major changes; now emerging as a new, Las Vegas-like entertainment district. The central heart of the entertainment is Gouria Main Drive, also known by the locals as the Strip. Hotels and Casinos like the ZN Hotel and Casino, the House Hotel, and the glass pyramid are some of the well-known hotels one can throw their money at.

As well, the Larry Eugine International Airport is getting an overhaul and relocation onto the continent of Gouria. The airport has downsized into two terminals, all connected to one grand, and might I say good looking central terminal. The terminal is sleek and one of the first major bui8ldings to utilize images as the main source of signage, allowing for elegant images vs the boring signs present at all other airports.

The Gouira entertainment district is still under construction, so stay posted. Also, there are signs hinting at a town north of Gouria – called Desertsville. Not a lot of info present regarding this town, but we hope to get some more info on this town soon.

Check the latest tggMC Live for info on the new entertainment district.

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