tggMC, a new Minecraft server

tggMC has been in private testing for the past two years, and now we're ready to open our doors to the community! You'll find features and things to do like...


There is a lot of ways to get around the server, from boat to train and even walking, you'll navigate the server with ease.

Make Money

Get a Job or take on a quests that delves deep into the tggMC lore and stories. You'll get paid in Geekbucks, tggMC's main currency. YOuu can get a new house, and even plots to build whatever your mind desires.

Play Games!

From Spleef to Laser tag, there is plenty to discover with friends and others!

About tgg

We’ve been around for quite some time. Take some time to read on tgg’s history as a brand by visiting tgg’s website.

Meet the tggMC team

We've got a small team, but remember, your name could be here by applying to be an OP!


CEO of tggMC, Marketing Director at tgg

Nathan started the server back in 2014. He has been on it ever since as an admin and developer. He lacks the basic knowledge of Redstone, but specializes in Designs

Zac DeLane

Zac DeLane

CEO/Founder of tgg, Assistant CEO at tggMC

Zac specialties in video production and editing. Thats how he started tgg on YouTube. When Nathan put him on board the tggMC boat, he was hooked. Eventually, a urban sprawl occurred and lots of cities and regions were created, thanks to Zacs development skills and whit.

Stay Connected with tggMC!

There has been alot of byuzz about tggMC, so here is how you can stay posted about tggMC until the launch!


Fridays at 9pm CST on tgg

Join Nathan and Zac as they showcase whats going on with tggMC this week, including some insider building and behind the scenes action!

Read the Robert Blog!

Read the Robert Blog!

Right here on

Just head up to the nav bar and click Updates to read all of the latest updates from Geekland. You can also tune into Geekland News on tgg, airs on occasion.

Watch Geekland Addventures!

Watch Geekland Addventures!

Airs at least once a year on tgg

On occasion, our web-series that delves into the lore behind tggMC, Geekland Adventures, airs on tgg. Be sure to subscribe for updates on the next one!


Get the latest news from Robert!


Long time, no see! It’s Robert here. Just wanted to update you that tggMC is not dead. In fact, its prospering! We will be back soon with a tggMC Direct, explaining the in’s and outs Read more


Cascad, the region of fun!

Since tggMC Live is off this week to bring you a special edition of tggLive, we wanted to show you the updated region of Cascad! Its a fun tourist destination for the easy go-getter who wants Read more